Is There Anybody Out There?

Drop an anonymous comment if you'd like me to continue posting.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there's somebody out here ... keep posting.

Anonymous said...

two somebody's out here

Anonymous said...

I find you interesting, I check in about once a week.

Anonymous said...

Got you on my RSS feed, curious to hear about your adventure. If you want to gather followers you probably need to fill in a bit of background of where you are from, what you are up to, and why. I know a bit from what you posted over on RBT's site, but someone coming in cold won't have that context.

sswickard said...

From Steve the anonymous commenter;
Reading of your exploits moving to and living in India has been fascinating. Not everyone is capable of handling the stress and emotions of moving to a foreign country, having lived in another Asian country for six years (albeit in the navy) I can to a point understand what you are experiencing.

One final thought in the Israeli/Indian weapons sales video do you happen to have an email address or phone number for the lead female singer? :-) Is she available (a little humor)

Thanks Jim


BGrigg said...

Jim, YES keep posting! You've had some interesting comments about life in India. It's a huge challenge, and one I wish I had the guts/time/money to do myself.


Anonymous said...

Yes Jim.
Please continue.
You had me at the gearbox rebuild.! lol.

Sastha Prakash. said...

At last I got to read your blog. I hope you would continue writing and post them in this space.

Sastha Prakash.

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