Only in India...

(this from a letter to the editor in the Hindu, Jan 15, 2012)

A 50-year-old woman was brought in a state of septic shock to the hospital where I worked. An emergency surgery was performed and everyone was shocked to find a ripe coconut in her uterus. Enquiries revealed that the patient suffered from uterine prolapse and was treated by a quack in Kanyakumari. The coconut had held the usterus in position for some time but eventually created a life-threatening sepsis. (goes on from here to decry holistic vs. allopathic practice)

Do I believe it? Yes. lol lol lol Only in India!


RH in CT said...

Totally off topic, but toward the end of the BBC podcast linked below is an interesting bit on transacting business (and life in general) in India that you might be able to relate to.

Good luck!


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