General Kvetch

I've had a cold the past three days and I'm miserable. I haven't had a cold in years, and it's pushing 90° every day and my head and sinuses feels like a haggis about to burst. I'm going to wander down and get some codeine and paracetamol and a pineapple and come home and read Agatha Christie all day.

There was power cut yesterday afternoon. No problem, happens all the time. It eventually comes back. But by 6:30 PM, the sun had set and I notice my neighbors have power but I don't. I check the fuse box: all the switches are on and the weird little switch is green. I call the landlord and he sends up the neighbor from downstairs. He opens the fuse box and flips the weird little switch from green to red. Power restored. Yes, that's right: in India, red is on and green is off. Or maybe it's just this circuit breaker manufacturer, because I notice the labels are also marked the same way.

Ah, India. You gotta love it.


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