Wherefore art thou, Sabeena?

Sabeena is NOT some newly acquainted nautch girl.

I've known her a long, long time and don't know what I'd do without her extra special gift.

She performs nobody's business and puts a shine on everything she touches.

I've brought her to America on a couple occasions and she does her stuff just as well up there as she does down here.

Ahhh, Sabeena!

Sabeena is a soap/scouring powder made from what I think is sifted ashes and some phenomenally powerful, phosphate-laden detergent. I'm sure fish shudder at the very thought of her, but God! can it clean something fierce!

It's opaque on X-ray, so Indian customs always checks my bags when I leave India with a coveted 1 kilo stash. It's also horribly commonplace, so they give me this quizzical eye as if to say, "Why the hell are you taking Sabeena out of the country?"

If only they knew...


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